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DOB: 12/5/2004      REG: # 266137


R.I.P. Kantu

It is with great sadness that I announce the loss of Kantu who passed away on March 21 of this year. He was a joy to own and I will never forget how Eve created a stall in her kitchen near the heating vent because he could not retain body heat. Eve bottled him every 3 hrs around the clock and carried him out 5 times a day to be with the herd, my female Silk was his surrogate mother. I remember one time when I went into the house, Kantu was kushed in the living room eating hay and watching the TV. He worn 5 cria coats when he was outside with the herd. Eventually he was put with Silk and the herd because he kept crying to be with them. He was strictly a llama and not much for people even though he did tolerate being petted, I will miss him very much but I know that Eve is taking care of him again, thanks Eve.

Kantu Kan Too congratulates his son KHL Freestone's Kissam on his 2nd place in Miniature Juvenile Male; 4th Champion Miniature Male, 1st & Reserve Grand in Walking Fleece at the 2011 International Gathering of Friends and Champions, ALSA - 1st & Grand Champion Miniature Male, ILR-SD - 2nd Juvenile Miniature Male & 3rd Champion Miniature Male, 2011 Indiana State Fair; ALSA - 1st Juvenile Minature Male & Grand Champion Minature Male, ILR-SD - 2nd Juvenile Minature Male 2011 Lamafest; 1st Minature Yearling Male & Reserve Grand Champion Minature Male, 3rd Fleece On Single Fleece w/o Crimp 5 to <24 months at the 2011 North American.

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KHL Eve 'N Starr

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KHL Freestone's Kissam

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